Supply Chain Resilience in the Age of ESG Supply

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Supply chains are undergoing a makeover of sorts as industry leaders consider the environmental consequences of their value chains. In particular, scope 3 emissions — which account for 70% to 90% of a company's total emissions — have received more attention due to challenges in defining and reporting what falls under that category. However, it is also the area in which procurement leaders can make the most impact.

This Economist Impact webinar, supported by GEP, outlines best practices in harnessing technology to measure scope 3 emissions and developing resilience strategies. Industry leaders share their experiences and concerns about supply chain sustainability.

Topics include:

  • Diversifying supply chains to boost resiliency
  • Leveraging risk management visualization and real-time tracking tools
  • Defining and measuring scope 3 emissions
  • Measuring procurement’s influence on ESG

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