The Supply Management Metrics That Matter in 2018 The Supply Management Metrics That Matter in 2018

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As procurement’s role continues to evolve and business expectations rapidly change, there’s a need to take a fresh look at the way procurement performance is measured. What was good yesterday, may not be good enough today.

So what does a best-in-class supply management program look like right now? What are the key performance metrics that you should benchmark and measure?

Andrew Bartolini, chief research officer of Ardent Partners and GEP’s Paul Blake share the findings of the 2018 Supply Management Metrics That Matter research report that benchmarks procurement organizations across all critical aspects of supply management.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What defines best-in-class supply management organizations?
  • Which performance metrics matter the most?
  • What are market-leading procurement teams focusing on today?

Watch this to understand what your procurement team needs to become best in class.

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