Tail-Spend Management Tail-Spend Management

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Tough economic conditions mean that CFOs are looking for fresh hunting grounds in cost reduction and control. For organizations which have already applied rigorous strategic sourcing techniques to the majority of their spend and see consistent year on year savings, this means turning their attention to tail-spend. Tail-spend is usually characterized by poor spend visibility, large number of vendors with fragmented individual spend, and an increasingly low return on investment. Maverick spend and poor compliance are rife in this area. While providing dedicated tail-spend management services to a number of global clients, GEP has noticed that CPOs are taking active interest in this topic since early 2011. 

Based on experience in the domain, GEP presents Tail-spend management , a webinar focusing on the following key benefits:

  • Strategies for dealing with tail-spend
  • How to use technology, processes and people to deal with tail-spend
  • How to get started in tail-spend management

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