Supply chains are likely giving leaders many sleepless nights. Rising costs may be an ongoing concern, and this has been compounded with a series of disruptions, inflation, supply chain bottlenecks and changing consumer patterns along with long-term geopolitical trends, the digitization of supply chains and the need to invest in sustainability. There are unfortunately no easy answers.

Watch the webcast of The Cost-Plus World of Supply Chains, moderated by John Ferguson of The Economist Impact, along with Robert Giacobbe, GEP vice president of supply chain consulting, and Josué C. Velázquez Martínez, research scientist, lecturer and director of the MIT Sustainable Supply Chains Lab. These experts do a deep dive into cost-plus supply chains and explore what leaders need to know to ensure they remain effective in the future.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Where to expect cost increases and whether organizations should rethink their partnership strategies to lessen costs
  • How enterprises can embrace sustainability in their supply chains and promote it with their affiliates
  • The ways organizations can protect the bottom line while navigating differing ESG standards
  • What leaders should know before making technology investments, how to gain buy-in when profits are shrinking, and the cyberthreats to keep an eye on

Theme: Strategy and Planning