The Post-Pandemic 2020 Outlook The Post-Pandemic 2020 Outlook

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

The first few months of this year put to rest any late-2019 predictions of what 2020 would look like. And COVID-19 isn’t the only disruptor. Business leaders have to navigate an economic downturn, political complexity, environmental concerns, and ever-evolving digital technology innovation.

How should procurement and supply chain teams organize for the rest of 2020 — and beyond?

In this webinar, The Post-Pandemic 2020 Outlook: Key Focus Areas for Procurement and Supply Chain, GEP’s thought leadership chair analyzes the procurement and supply chain agenda for the rest of the year. He also outlines specific priorities for delivering on rapidly shifting enterprise expectations.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Current business dynamics and their impact on your goals and objectives
  • The key functional areas that require an immediate shift in strategy
  • New capabilities and technologies that will create resilience and agility, now and tomorrow



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