Post-COVID factors like inflation, lack of visibility, unclear ESG goals and failure to deploy and leverage the right digital tools have created supply chains and procurement vulnerabilities. Enterprises are focused on creating future-proof supply chains but lack the actionable insights on the right tools and technologies to enable that.

GEP’s expert Shareen Gongulur at PASA ProcureTech shares best practices for supply chain and procurement teams to navigate and thrive in the future using analytics, Data Lakes, Control Towers, AI, ML and more. This session lays out the next steps to create resilient and agile supply chains through digital transformation to driving more value.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Key trends to make an impact in your supply chain and procurement processes in the new normal
  • Strategies and approaches that supply chain and procurement leaders need to adopt to drive growth and profits
  • The latest tools and technologies that are being adopted to address the current supply chain challenges and the new priorities

Theme: Digital Transformation