Direct procurement teams operate in a complex, high-risk environment, and because of this have been slow to accept digital transformation. Traditional management tools like monolithic ERP systems and simplistic backward-scheduling MRP processes are still the norm. But today, businesses are starting to realize that these approaches are putting them at a disadvantage.

The current pace of change, shortening business cycles, shifting consumer expectations, geopolitical volatility, surging volumes of data being generated by multiple sources — these combined factors are inexorably making digital transformation an imperative for direct procurement.

In this webcast, experts from GEP and Spend Matters assess the current state of direct procurement and discuss the new opportunities afforded to it by digital transformation.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The potential impacts, individually and collectively, of new and emerging technologies
  • The new capabilities being created by AI, machine learning, robotics and automation
  • How a digitally transformed direct procurement will work differently with other enterprise functions

Theme: Procurement