What’s Next for Oil and Gas? What’s Next for Oil and Gas?

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Plunging demand, lack of storage capacity, oversupply: The oil and gas industry is grappling with severe consequences of the pandemic. Financial constraints mean that oil producers can’t respond as they did during the previous market and price crashes.

Something’s got to give — the old strategies aren’t working anymore.

In this webcast, What’s Next for Oil & Gas Industry, GEP’s oil and gas experts discuss the current challenges facing the industry and the changing market dynamics. They also explore the likely recovery scenarios, and the role procurement and supply chain leaders can play to support the business.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Recovery scenarios and action plans for procurement and supply chain leaders
  • How to alleviate the financial impact of capital contract cancellations
  • Strategies for sustained cost reduction, including cash auctions to support suppliers

Watch this topical and insight-packed discussion on procurement and supply chain strategies that can help oil and gas companies navigate the crisis.

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