Why Can’t Procurement Technology Be Beautiful AND Powerful? Why Can’t Procurement Technology Be Beautiful AND Powerful?

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Here at GEP, we’re often flummoxed by stories of procurement technology users who truly believe that their software needs to be “hard to use” or “complicated” in order to perform the complex tasks they rely on it for.

Why can’t these solutions be as beautiful and easy to use as the consumer-focused applications we use on our phones and computers every day?

In a new webcast, “Why Can’t Procurement Technology Be Beautiful AND Powerful?” experts from Spend Matters and GEP highlight how procurement can connect with the way users want to interact with technology. In addition, it provides valuable information on ways to improve adoption by learning from consumerization and social paradigms.

Inside the webcast:

  • Making the Software Experience “Beautiful”
  • Strategies for Prioritizing All Users            
  • User Environments to Support Today and Tomorrow
  • The Changing Workforce and Technologies

A must-watch webcast for procurement professionals looking to improve the overall user experience through procurement software solutions. Gain complimentary access now.

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