Why Pharma Needs To Accelerate Digital Supply Chain Transformation Now Why

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

From a worldwide pandemic to geopolitical upheavals, disruption has become the new normal, and pharmaceutical leaders have recognized that the old ways of managing supply chains are no match for today’s business needs. Inflexible supply chains have exposed the pharmaceutical industry to delays and slowdowns in drug manufacturing and clinical trials as well as alarming shortages of life-saving medicines.

In response, pharmaceutical leaders now see digital transformation as a necessity. Watch the GEP-Pharma Manufacturing webcast Why Pharma Needs To Accelerate Digital Supply Chain Transformation Now, with GEP’s Pramod Sethumadhavan, senior director of consulting with GEP, and Pranav Padgaonkar, vice president of consulting, for a discussion about how digitalization can improve visibility, promote collaboration, and enable faster, better decisions based on real-time data — all to reach the goal of building greater resilience.

Key Discussion Points:

  • How the drive toward lean supply chains has left the pharma industry prone to disruption
  • What pharma leaders can gain from supply chain digitalization
  • The digital essentials that can make supply chains more agile, resilient and higher-performing

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