Why Supply Chain Convergence Matters Why Supply Chain Convergence Matters

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

It’s no secret that data is critical for accurate decision-making, and organizations have it in abundance. However, having it is only half the battle. Consolidating data from different parts of the organization as well as from suppliers, customers and producers requires breaking down silos, and that’s easier said than done.

A convergence strategy is bold and far-reaching, and the potential upside immense. However, who takes the lead, and what steps can you take to enhance procurement and supply chain convergence?

Watch the webcast Why Supply Chain Convergence Matters, sponsored by GEP and Microsoft, for the answers. Matthew Pedersen, VP-Consulting, GEP, and John Kovac, Director of Manufacturing - Industry Solutions Group at Microsoft, provide expert insight into why consolidating disparate sources of data to produce a single source of truth can have profound effects on innovation, cost reduction and efficiency.

Key Discussion Points

  • The initial steps you can take to break down supply chain silos
  • The advantages of consolidating data into one source, and the challenges that may arise
  • How Microsoft executed a successful supply chain convergence strategy

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