Butiama Hills, Tanzania Butiama

Making Bold Strides for Sustainability

GEP’s commitment to sustainability is a core element in our workplaces worldwide and throughout our business operations. That’s why we have intentionally focused on developing a sustainable value chain and limiting our carbon footprint through carefully crafted initiatives that guide the actions of our employees, suppliers and partners. 

To offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with travel to and from this event, we have created a GEP INNOVATE 2023 Carbon Offset program. GEP is taking climate action by supporting forest restoration with WeForest, which is striving to restore and protect ecosystems and communities through locally-led reforestation projects. 

We are directly partnering with WeForest on a reforestation project in Tanzania’s Butiama Hills, which have been heavily degraded due to increasing populations. WeForest is working with local communities to restore hillside forests and transition villages to agroforestry. By restoring almost 4,000 hectares by growing over 5 million trees, the project will help to regenerate the environment and improve the livelihoods of 46,000 people.


This initiative adds to our strong track record, which speaks for itself:

  • Developed a renewable energy strategy for a $25-billion U.S. retailer to deliver $10 million in savings and an estimated increase in green energy by 35%-40%, through a dynamic financial model
  • Partnered with a leading consumer packaged goods company to drive its bold sustainability-social inclusion initiative through three-year supplier diversity targets in indirect procurement
  • Designed a fleet electrification strategy for a $14-billion U.S. agriscience company with a three step-pilot approach and comprehensive guide for EV adoption
  • Partnered with a Fortune 500 manufacturing and chemicals company to optimize its warehousing supply chain network in Europe, resulting in a 23% direct reduction in carbon footprint and an 18% reduction in costs
World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

As an associate partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), GEP is using our broad expertise in AI, digital transformation and supply chain optimization to drive a global discussion on AI’s potential impacts on sustainability, diversity, and social and economic equity. 

UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact

GEP is a participant member of the UN Global Compact and is committed to taking action on its sustainable development goals to ensure a more sustainable and equitable world.

The Sustainability Procurement Pledge

Sustainable Procurement Pledge

We joined the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP), a pro-bono community committed to embedding sustainability into their procurement practices and sharing their knowledge and tools.