Lessons for Procurement from the Previous Recession Lessons for Procurement from the Previous Recession

Are your team’s efforts on cost savings going too far?

During a downturn, it’s easy for a procurement team to put emphasis on slashing costs. But it might be time to stop short-term moves. Time to re-focus on the ultimate prize: Creating business value.

Our latest paper, Lessons from the Previous Recession: Back to Sourcing Basics, is a timely reminder that procurement is a marathon, not a sprint. Inside, you’ll find six best practices that will help you find the right savings and ROI mix — without sacrificing business performance.

What’s Inside:

  • How to leverage on-demand services and innovative technology
  • How to organize your team and processes for success while minimizing risk
  • How to boost cash flow and align supplier performance to KPIs

This paper is a must-read for procurement and sourcing professionals keen to create business value for their enterprises even during a recession.

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