Mitigating Third-Party Partner Risks Mitigating Third-Party Partner Risks

CPOs, you can’t avoid risk, but you can manage it.

The question is, are you managing it strategically?

It’s one thing to manage the tactical elements of third-party risk from suppliers and lower-tier partners. It’s another to have a holistic approach that understands upstream risk can be just as challenging to handle as downstream risk.

The latest GEP white paper with Spend Matters, Mitigating Third-Party Risks: How Procurement Can Help Secure the Enterprise, tackles all of these issues and more.

What’s Inside:

  • How to use data modeling to track interconnected supply chain risk
  • How to look beyond spend to strategic supplier relationships
  • How to structure contracts according to the risk profile of a supplier

The paper is a must-read for procurement and supply chain leaders looking to identify, mitigate and manage third-party risks — get your complimentary copy today.

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