Visibility and control — two things every supply chain leader needs more of to succeed. And a supply chain control tower can be a great tool to achieve both.

But with all the ambiguity and confusion in the market, it’s difficult to pick the right solution.

What comprises an effective control tower today? Which capabilities are critical for success?

A new white paper from TechTarget and GEP, 10 Essentials for an Effective Supply Chain Control Tower, breaks it down for you — a comprehensive checklist of critical control tower capabilities you’ll need for an intelligent, agile and resilient supply chain.

Read Inside:

  • Why you need a next-gen supply chain control tower
  • Challenges with traditional visibility and control systems
  • Critical capabilities to look for while evaluating a control tower

If you’re looking for a supply chain control tower, or simply need to understand how it can help your enterprise — this paper is a must-read.

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