2022 CPG Supply Chain & Procurement Outlook 2022 CPG Supply Chain & Procurement Outlook

The CPG industry faces heat from consumers over rising prices and unpredictable supply chains. Keeping shelves stocked during a pandemic, and now a protracted war in Ukraine, has been a struggle. Not to mention, a push toward greater sustainability is changing the game on transportation and packaging strategies.

A new GEP white paper — 2022 CPG Supply Chain & Procurement Outlook — outlines how CPG supply chain and procurement leaders can balance concerns over costs, resilience and the environment. Get the latest on effectively managing these CPG-centric challenges to remain competitive in the year ahead.

What’s Inside:

  • How to ease the impact of surging oil prices on shipping and packaging
  • What historically high agricultural costs mean to operational budgets
  • How digital tools can address ESG and pricing challenges

This paper is a must-read for CPG procurement and supply chain leaders looking to keep abreast of the latest trends.

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