2024 Guide to AI-First Digital Procurement Transformation 2024

AI is a critical tool in transforming procurement and supply chain operations, and enterprises are ramping up their efforts to leverage this fast-moving technology.

According to GEP-sponsored research from SIG — 2024 Guide to AI-First Digital Procurement Transformation — 46% of respondents have fast-tracked AI adoption compared to other IT investments.

Some procurement pros are taking an aggressive approach to implementation, with nearly one-third (29%) in the pilot testing phase and nearly one-quarter (24%) having taken steps to integrate AI into specific areas of their procurement processes, at least partially. But with just 12% of respondents reporting full-scale AI transformation of their procurement function, there are opportunities ahead.

What’s Inside:

  • Identifying the potential roadblocks to procurement, with data a top challenge for 41% of respondents
  • Upskilling the procurement workforce to meet the demand for implementing new AI tools
  • Exploring the diversity of approaches to integrating AI into the procurement landscape

This paper is a must-read for procurement pros looking to drive procurement transformation with an AI-first approach.

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