5 Key Factors for Supply Chain Transformation 5 Key Factors for Supply Chain Transformation

Automotive and industrial manufacturing enterprises are grappling with intensifying customer demands and trying to shrink response times as much as possible. Adoption of new digital technologies within the supply chain can greatly improve companies’ ability to meet these challenges — but in these industries, change comes slowly. How can their supply chain teams lay a strong foundation for digital transformation?

A new paper from GEP and TechTarget — 5 Key Factors for Supply Chain Transformation — provides valuable guidance for IT and supply chain leaders seeking to capitalize on the transformational potential of a new generation of digital technologies.

Why Read It:

  • The impact of a digital supply chain platform on cost of goods sold (COGS) and return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • Addressing cybersecurity risk in every aspect of supply chain design
  • Achieving an “outside-in” model to enhance traditional decision-making processes

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