5 Ways Demand Planning Is Broken (And How to Fix It ) 5 Ways Demand Planning Is Broken (And How to Fix It )

The pandemic has demonstrated how challenging it is to create accurate demand plans in an uncertain environment. Supply chain managers know all too well that legacy tools and systems just aren’t up to the task.

How do you solve this problem? First, you need to understand exactly what’s wrong.

A new white paper from GEP — 5 Ways Demand Planning Is Broken (And How to Fix It) — explains how next-generation demand planning software is changing demand planning and forecasting. From what data goes into the forecast to the algorithms used to develop predictions, this paper details how modern systems are improving processes, expanding capabilities and giving supply chain professionals superior insights.

What’s Inside:

  • Five problem areas that demand planning must address
  • How AI and machine learning are making forecasts more accurate
  • Why predicting product life cycles is so difficult — and how it could be easier

This is a great overview of demand planning challenges — and the solutions — for supply chain leaders who need to know what’s coming next.

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