A Low-Code/No-Code Approach To Building Next-Gen Supply Chains A

The most pressing challenge facing supply chain professionals is improving supply chain resiliency, according to a recent survey by GEP and Foundry. But how can enterprises meet the demands of modernization?

A Low-Code/No-Code Approach To Building Next-Gen Supply Chains outlines how to empower nontechnical team members to create more resilient supply chains without the constraints of IT.

In today’s fluid environment, supply chains need to rapidly adjust to ever-evolving needs. This valuable white paper reveals how best-in-class enterprises are changing workflow configurations and ramping up capabilities quickly with little-to-no coding experience — a challenge the survey finds 92% companies are currently facing.

This in-depth research uncovers how leaders are helping their teams build more agile supply chain processes.

What’s Inside:

  • Meeting the need for convergence between technology and process
  • Removing the barriers between ideas and solutions, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced collaboration
  • Increasing supply chain teams’ awareness of low-code/no-code solutions

This paper is a must-read for leaders looking to free supply chain organizations from their dependence on IT.

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