Adopting AI Responsibly Adopting

The growing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI), and particularly generative AI solutions, is empowering innovation and reshaping the business landscape.

How can organizations tap into the immense potential of AI solutions while also addressing their unique risks and ethical challenges?

To establish standards for responsible AI practices, GEP has collaborated with the World Economic Forum and prepared a comprehensive report — Adopting AI Responsibly: Guidelines for Procurement of AI Solutions by the Private Sector. The report lays down a customizable framework to help businesses adopt ethical AI technology. It has detailed assessment criteria, supplier questionnaires and insights on how to overlay all of it with strong governance.

What’s Inside:

  • The urgent need for a practical, easy-to-use AI toolkit
  • Why procurement must orchestrate the implementation
  • 5 key elements for responsible AI acquisition

This is an essential resource for CPOs and C-level executives who want to adopt AI with long-term vision, knowledge and accountability.

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