If you haven’t yet heard of augmented systems in a business process context — you probably will, and soon. Augmentation will increase the range of activities we can manage strategically and allow us to do more with less in less time. But how does it apply in an enterprise setting?

This new Insight IT paper from GEP, Augmented: Enhancing Human Capabilities Through Technology, discusses how augmented systems will enable faster decision-making and elevate the workforce’s ability to execute tasks. This piece also highlights how this technology can help enterprises achieve deeper insights into their operations and effectively assess risks.

What's Inside:

  • How augmentation enhances what humans can do
  • Why augmented systems represent the next level of software integrations
  • Specific examples of applied augmentation in enterprises

A must-read piece for every IT and business leader looking to achieve new standards of performance by leveraging the latest technologies.

Theme: Digital Transformation