Autonomous Systems Autonomous Systems

We’re fascinated with driverless cars and the new era of autonomous system-enabled modern convenience that they portend. But the most striking advancements in autonomously functioning systems, yet to come, will profoundly impact business processes. These systems will actually operate independently from their programmers, using multiple algorithms and complex modeling to create a true opportunity for executive decision-making at scale.

This new INSIGHT IT paper from GEP provides a glimpse into the not-too-distant future where artificial intelligence and complex algorithms will create business systems that not only function independently, but decide how to handle circumstances that they haven’t explicitly been programmed to address.

What’s Inside:

  • What autonomous systems need to demonstrate before they become a practical reality
  • Where and how autonomy will operate most effectively
  • How the impact of autonomous systems might be felt within procurement and supply chain

You’ll need to read this paper to start becoming informed about the next generation of disruptive technologies opening new horizons for business leaders.

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