For too long, procurement software has taken its users for granted, leading to changes in the procurement landscape. In a savings and mandate-driven environment, procurement software never had to compete with the visual appeal and usability of consumer software.

Now that procurement’s focus has shifted to more strategic goals, their software must accommodate a more complex purpose with the user at the center of the design – a full paradigm shift in procurement software design.

GEP and Buyers Meeting Point bring to you this new white paper, Behavioral Patterns at the Heart of Procurement Software Design, that discusses the behavioral drivers behind the paradigm shift required in procurement software design for greater user adoption. It also provides an insight on how those behaviors translate into the technical requirements and usability expectations of the next generation of solutions.

A must-read for procurement professionals looking to learn what makes a procurement software best-in-class and factors that optimize user adoption. (Complimentary access)

Theme: Digital Transformation