You’re a procurement expert. You’ve helped everyone in the enterprise choose the right software.

So picking new software — or an upgrade — for your own team should be easy, right?

Until you start your search.

But don’t be disillusioned. Here’s something to get you going.

A new guide from IT Central Station and — Best Practices for Selecting Procurement Software — based on real user reviews, breaks down the critical elements you should look for while selecting a new procurement software for your team.

What’s Inside:

  • Best practices to help you zero in on the right software for your needs
  • Practical, unbiased advice from recent (and happy) buyers
  • What separates great software from the good

If you’re looking for new software (or an upgrade) for sourcing, contracting, supplier management, or procure-to-pay — don’t finalize anything until you’ve read this guide.

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