Demand Sensing Demand Sensing

In an age of instant gratification, meeting immediate market demand is key to retaining competitive advantage. In fact, the Now Economy is all about understanding how crucial it is to cater to demand before it changes. With fluctuating customer attitudes and diminishing loyalty, every advantage counts.

A joint paper — Demand Sensing: A Critical Supply Chain Capability for the Now Economy — by GEP and Supply Management Insider discusses how demand sensing helps companies make their supply chains more proactive and responsive as demand fluctuates. It’s a game changer for firms with large sales volumes.

Why Read It:

  • A hands-on perspective on demand sensing within product lifecycles
  • The unique, unified technologies behind demand sensing
  • How finely-honed algorithms make sense of internal and external data

The paper is a must-read for supply chain and procurement leaders looking to make their supply chain responsive to immediate demand — get your complimentary copy today.

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