Combating Inflation Combating Inflation

It’s a fact — enterprises have no direct control over factors causing inflation such as monetary policy and global events. However, that doesn’t mean as a procurement leader that you just throw up your hands. Procurement can do a great deal to alleviate some of the costs of doing business during inflationary times.

Combating Inflation: 3 Tools You Need Right Now examines how technology and data analytics can be leveraged as inflation-busting tools. Empowering employees is a critical component to mitigating rising costs as inflationary signals continue to be mixed, according to GEP’s Mukund Acharya.

What’s Inside:

  • Moving to more sophisticated data analytics and investing in data cleansing
  • Combining real-time and vendor insights to inform decision-makers
  • Boosting inventory visibility with cloud-based solutions

This paper is a must-read for procurement leaders looking to build a robust response to ongoing inflationary pressures.

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