The Journey to Digital Supply Chain Transformation The Journey to Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Here’s the paradox: Supply chain management systems, despite being indispensable to today’s businesses, are often woefully outdated. Don’t think that business and IT leaders don’t know this — they do. Many of them are trying hard to upgrade their supply chains to digital systems.

However, enterprise leaders need to contend with a variety of issues and challenges before taking on a supply chain transformation. A joint paper by GEP and TechTarget — The Journey to Digital Supply Chain Transformation: Insight and Perspectives from IT Leaders — reveals these managers’ most important concerns and discusses prime strategies they might use to resolve them.

Why Read It:

  • Results from a TechTarget survey of over 300 IT decision-makers
  • Why an overhaul is imperative for legacy supply chains
  • The need for a data-driven model and unified cloud-based systems

The paper is a must-read for those looking for guidance on next-generation supply chains and how to achieve them. Get your complimentary copy today.

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