Connecting to the Supply Chain Future Connecting to the Supply Chain Future

The pandemic caused widespread supply chain disruptions across industries and regions. But some enterprises were able to respond with greater agility and resilience than others.

How? Real-time, unified visibility across the supply chain.

A new e-book from GEP and Microsoft, Connecting to the Supply Chain Future: How Unified Supply Chain and Procurement Data Increases Resilience, takes a detailed look at what’s possible when you unify data across your procurement and supply chain operations. It also explains how you can break down silos to gain real-time supply chain visibility and enable timely, effective decision-making.

What’s Inside:

  • Benefits of unified procurement and supply chain data
  • Six key elements to build a strong data foundation
  • How cloud and AI can enable a data-driven supply chain

It’s a must-read for all supply chain and procurement leaders who want to be better prepared for the next disruption.

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