The pandemic caused widespread supply chain disruptions across industries and regions. But some enterprises were able to respond with greater agility and resilience than others.

How? Real-time, unified visibility across the supply chain.

A new e-book from GEP and Microsoft, Connecting to the Supply Chain Future: How Unified Supply Chain and Procurement Data Increases Resilience, takes a detailed look at what’s possible when you unify data across your procurement and supply chain operations. It also explains how you can break down silos to gain real-time supply chain visibility and enable timely, effective decision-making.

What’s Inside:

  • Benefits of unified procurement and supply chain data
  • Six key elements to build a strong data foundation
  • How cloud and AI can enable a data-driven supply chain

It’s a must-read for all supply chain and procurement leaders who want to be better prepared for the next disruption.

Theme: Digital Transformation