If you work in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector, you know that your customers’ expectations for service quality are on the rise. An unhappy customer today will let the whole world know about it on Twitter tomorrow. In their effort to provide effective customer service, BFSI companies have come to rely on third-party contact centers.

Deciding which contact center to handle your customer care is vitally important. In a comprehensive guide — Contact Center Outsourcing: Key Trends and Procurement Best Practices — GEP’s experts shine a light on contact center trends, digital solutions and sourcing models that are most suited to BFSI firms.

What’s Inside:

  • Contact center technology trends: Cloud, chatbots, analytics and AI
  • Contact center sourcing models for BFSI companies
  • SWOT analysis of trends: Predictive analytics, cloud and RPA

The paper is a must-read for BFSI sourcing and procurement leaders looking to get the very best results from customer service contact centers — get your complimentary copy today.

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