Businesses — and particularly supply chains — are deluged by data. This is a good problem to have — if the business can develop the capability to collate, analyze, and use this data, at the right place and the right time, and thereby gain competitive advantage.

This new white paper from GEP and TechTarget — Defining and Implementing the Data-Driven Supply Chain — examines what is needed to successfully transform the supply chain into a digital function where all decisions and actions are informed by data. It explains how a unified, cloud-native platform based on disruptive technologies can maximize agility, minimize complexity, and help deliver the desired business outcomes.

What’s Inside:

  • How to obtain powerful competitive advantage by unlocking the value of supply chain data
  • Why adoption of disruptive technologies and new digital tools is mandatory, not optional
  • The business case for implementing a unified digital SCM solution

A must-read for supply managers who want to achieve transformation — not just digitization — and see real, measurable improvements across the business.

Theme: Strategy and Planning