Digital Supply Chain Transformation Digital Supply Chain Transformation

What is the No. 1 driver of digital supply chain transformation today?

Which emerging technologies are being tapped by companies trying to mitigate the supply chain impacts of an adverse business climate?

How are supply chain technology challenges being converted into business opportunities?

A new survey from IDG and GEP — Digital Supply Chain Transformation: CIOs’ Key Challenges and Opportunities — polled senior IT decision-makers to gain insights into the supply chain challenges companies face. The report explains the benefits respondents have already realized from supply chain transformation, and the technologies and strategies likely to prove most impactful in aiding those efforts.

What’s Inside:

  • Seamless data flow, security, visibility are key supply chain challenges, finds survey
  • What unified platform, cloud and new technologies can do for the supply chain
  • The CIO’s role in driving collaboration for a successful digital journey

Read now to gain a clearer view of what digital supply chain transformation might look like in your organization.

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