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Worldwide pandemics, geopolitical issues, rapidly changing market dynamics — disruption has become the new normal. Pharmaceutical leaders have recognized that the old ways of managing supply chains are no match for today’s business needs, with inflexible supply chains exposing the industry to delays and slowdowns in drug manufacturing and clinical trials as well as alarming shortages of life-saving medicines.

In response, pharmaceutical leaders now recognize digital transformation as not just an intriguing concept but as a business necessity. This new report from Pharma Manufacturing — Digital Transformation for a Resilient Supply Chain — and sponsored by GEP, shows how digitizing supply chain information and digitalizing supply chain processes and systems improves visibility and promotes collaboration. Transformation also enables better and faster decision-making based on real-time data — all for a more resilient supply chain.

What’s Inside:

  • How digital transformation in pharmaceutical supplies promotes greater resilience
  • The digital essentials for improving business visibility, agility, intelligence, and performance, particularly in times of ongoing global volatility
  • How collaboration with suppliers and contract manufacturers can help navigate today’s complex business environment

It’s a must-read report for pharma leaders looking to steer their organizations through disruptions and improve business performance.

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