Five Data Roadblocks To Overcome in the Journey To Net-Zero Emissions Five

Today’s procurement professionals are measured as much on carbon reduction as traditional cost-savings goals. But how can they achieve net-zero emissions targets while keeping spending in check?

This GEP-sponsored Supply Management Insider report — Five Data Roadblocks To Overcome in the Journey to Net-Zero Emissions — shines a light on data’s role in reaching ESG objectives.

This paper takes a deep dive into the five data hurdles CPOs must overcome to turn sustainability aspirations into action.

What’s Inside:

  • Identifying your supply chain hot spots and relevant data points to track progress
  • Embedding supplier data collection into existing ESG processes
  • Ensuring your zero-emissions strategies can scale as your supplier base expands

This paper is a must-read for procurement professionals looking to harness data to reduce carbon emissions.

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