Has the procurement function reached a “productivity plateau”? Recent data shows that general business productivity is currently stuck in neutral. Our current technology tools are just not able to keep pace with the increased demands and complexities of the business. So how do we get out of this rut and revitalize our ability to improve, do more, deliver more for stakeholders?

For procurement, the answer lies in the digital workplace. In this new eGuide, Procurement’s Five Steps for Achieving True Digital Workplace Benefits, experts from GEP and My Purchasing Center explain how the digital workplace can get procurement teams to the next level in performance and productivity by eliminating complexity, enabling collaboration, and better utilizing data.

What’s Inside:

  • How the digital workplace can serve as the remedy for productivity stagnation
  • Best practices for migrating procurement to a digital workplace
  • Implementing new digital approaches across key phases of the source-to-pay cycle

A must-read for procurement, IT, and other business leaders looking for real solutions to productivity challenges.