Disruption is hitting the retail and CPG industries particularly hard right now. Established business models are under siege — by Amazon, certainly, but also by consumers demanding changes in everything from product mix to deliveries and returns. Retail and CPG supply chains need to figure this out, and fast.

It’s data, of course, that will make the difference — how it’s acquired, shared, analyzed and integrated into supply chain planning and workflows. Yet most enterprises remain hamstrung by existing infrastructures and processes that keep data in silos with critical insights unrevealed.

This new paper from GEP and TechTarget — A CIO’s Guide to the Future of Supply Chain in CPG & Retail — discusses how new tools and technologies including AI, IoT, and analytics can help create the data-driven supply chain that will make these enterprises more agile, more competitive, and more customer-centric. 

What’s Inside:

  • Why retail and CPG companies must leverage data and analytics across the entire supply chain
  • Three critical elements essential for any supply chain modernization initiative
  • Which digital technologies — AI, cloud, IoT — are most relevant now, and why

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