The Future of Supply Chain Management The Future of Supply Chain Management

The transformation of a traditional supply chain into an automated, unified, data-driven digital function cannot be achieved with one swift move — it’s a journey that must be made in stages. Businesses need to take bold steps, but with a well-charted long-term strategy in place that includes new technologies and specific innovations to drive achievement of defined goals.

This new eBook from GEP and TechTarget — The Future of Supply Chain Management — explores trends and technologies that are revolutionizing the function, and the increasingly critical importance of a data-driven model. It explains what the future digital supply chain will look like and what steps you can take today to ensure your organization is on the right track.

What’s Inside:

  • New and emerging technologies that are essential for a digital supply chain
  • Why data will be at the center of successful supply chain organizations
  • How unified supply chain management software platforms are accelerating enterprise competitiveness

A must-read for supply chain and IT leaders looking to facilitate the digital transformation process for their enterprises.

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