A CIO’s Guide to the Future of Supply Chain Management A CIO’s Guide to the Future of Supply Chain Management

The potential impact of digital transformation in enterprise supply chains is just beginning to be understood. The anticipated benefits to the business are huge — but transforming a traditional supply chain into an automated, unified, data-driven digital function can’t happen by pushing a button. It’s a journey that must be made in stages, with a major assist from the IT team.

A new eBook from TechTarget and GEP — A CIO's Guide to the Future of Supply Chain Management — explores the technological innovations and requirements that will create the digital revolution for supply chains. It outlines the importance of data quality, the role of analytics, the need for seamless integration of software systems, and the mandate for a unified platform that promotes collaboration and insight.

What’s Inside:

  • Why data has to be at the center of the function
  • The most relevant technologies at the foundation of the supply chain revolution
  • How unified supply chain management software platforms are accelerating enterprise competitiveness

A must-read for CIOs and IT professionals who are looking to maximize their impact on digital transformation of critical functions for their enterprises.

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