How BFSI Companies Can Succeed at ESG Transformation How

According to the ET Global Carbon Ranking Report, BFSI is the worst performing industry in ESG approach and ability to reduce CO2 emissions. To straighten out its act and prepare for such a transition, it must prioritize strategies that replace baseless promises about achieving net zero with more realistic goals.

Our new white paper, How BFSI Companies Can Succeed at ESG Transformation, explains how the sector and the robust sustainability practices it potentially adopts can form the vanguard in the war on CO2 emissions. It explains why BFSI companies must focus on real estate to establish effective net-zero responsibilities.

What’s Inside:

  • The Importance of real estate in ESG transformation
  • Five steps to help BFSI companies prepare for what’s ahead
  • Future-proof against potential risks

This paper is a must-read for business leaders and C-level executives in the BFSI sector aiming to create robust ESG frameworks that also create value.

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