Red Teaming for Cybersecurity Red Teaming for Cybersecurity

As cyberattackers become savvier and get access to more data, companies are facing greater risks. Internal cyber defense teams aren’t enough to meet this new threat. An external team, also known as a red team, can complement the internal team to pinpoint the company’s cyber vulnerabilities. And this is where procurement comes in.

In a new white paper — Red Teaming for Cybersecurity: A Need-to-Know Guide for Procurement Professionals — GEP’s experts discuss the new cyber risks and share sourcing expertise to help companies select the right cyber defense vendors.

What’s Inside:

  • Current scenario: Market snapshot, recent breaches
  • How procurement can help by selecting a red team
  • GEP case study: Engaging a vendor at a CPG company

The paper is a must-read for sourcing and procurement leaders looking to plug their companies’ cybersecurity gaps — get your complimentary copy today.

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