As utilities decarbonize and build sustainable supply chains, greater control over supplier costs will be crucial to protect margins.

But keeping track of true cost drivers is not easy amid data silos, low visibility into market trends and lack of collaboration.

They’ll require advanced should-cost technology.

Our new white paper, How Should-Cost Modeling Can Help Utilities Optimize Costs and Boost Profitability, shows the way companies can gain an edge in supplier negotiations and enhance cost-reduction opportunities. Learn how an AI-powered should-cost solution provides complete visibility into cost drivers and cost breakdowns, integrates into sourcing events and leverages real-time market indices and AI-aided cost predictions.

What’s Inside:

  • How should-cost analysis helps you reduce costs and raise profits
  • Ways to make data-driven decisions with confidence and collaboration
  • How cost modeling improves supplier relationships

This paper is a must-read for supply chain and procurement leaders in utilities to deliver lasting value to their organizations.

Theme: Strategy and Planning