Economic growth is cyclical. Which means another recession is quite likely, if not inevitable.

Are we heading into one? The jury’s still out.

In the meantime, what can enterprises do to build resilience against a downturn? What steps can you take now to sail through tough times?

A new GEP white paper  Beating the Recession: How to Organize Your Business to Combat an Economic Downturn  discusses the unpredictability of a recession, the current economic situation, and the need to prepare for adverse market conditions even when business is thriving. It also presents seven effective strategies for enterprises to build resilience against an economic downturn.

What’s Inside:

  • The need to stay prepared for a recession, before it happens
  • State of the global economy and key indicators of a downturn
  • Seven effective strategies to mitigate the impact of a recession

A must-read for all business leaders focused on creating sustainable growth for the enterprise.