Identifying Use Cases for AI in Procurement Identifying

More than 80% of organizations will have used generative AI-powered programming interfaces or models by 2026, according to Gartner. As AI becomes more prevalent throughout the enterprise, how can procurement drive an AI-powered approach to digital transformation?

With the right tools and strategy, AI is pivotal to unlocking insights and enhancing procurement’s value. To help enterprises implement it effectively, GEP partnered with Procurement Leaders — Identifying Use Cases for AI in Procurement: Turning Vision Into Reality.

The use cases highlighted in this guide provide real-world examples of how AI is seriously impacting procurement.

What’s Inside

  • Understanding the data requirements to improve decision-making
  • Upskilling the procurement workforce to add new roles and capabilities
  • Outlining areas where procurement can deploy AI and leverage knowledge to expand use

This paper is a must-read for procurement pros looking to leverage an AI-first strategy to drive efficiency and growth.

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