Industry 4.0: The Unchained Enterprise Industry 4.0: The Unchained Enterprise

It’s said that global manufacturing has experienced four industrial revolutions since the late 18th century. The fourth — “Industry 4.0” — takes a giant leap beyond basic digitization by focusing on data, intelligent automation and cyber-physical innovation. What does this mean for enterprise supply chains?

In theory, it means huge advances in efficiency, productivity and profitability. But where does the rubber actually meet the road? What are we going to start doing differently? How will commerce be impacted? Who can explain all this?

We can, in our newsletter Industry 4.0: The Unchained Enterprise. Our new issue focuses on the new technologies that are transforming the way enterprises use data — AI, Internet of Things, machine learning, analytics, and more. We help you unpack the digital strategies that are creating the data-driven supply chain.

Get your copy today and start creating the supply chain revolution for your business.

What's Inside:

  • Why data is at the heart of the successful digital supply chain
  • How AI, machine learning, and cognitive processing are dramatically enhancing supply chain decision making
  • The importance of achieving functional transparency via a unified supply chain management software

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