Win The Digital Transformation Race by Modernizing Procurement Win The Digital Transformation Race by Modernizing Procurement

Savvy CIOs are actively harnessing the power of cloud, mobile, AI, and analytics in the race to drive innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and develop better products.

In other words, IT has made digital transformation an urgent priority. The scope of this effort can be huge — but the smartest players have a secret for focusing their efforts to realize the biggest benefits.

This well-researched infographic from CIO Magazine and GEP makes the case for CIOs to modernize procurement with new technologies, thus accomplishing real innovation and bottom-line ROI. Check it out today, for:

  • The benefits of modernizing procurement (as reported by those in the “winner’s circle”)
  • The main hurdles that the winners had to get over in the process
  • Winning strategies adopted by the transformation leaders

Take a look, and get a big head start toward winning the digital transformation race.




GEP brings you an intriguing new research study from CIO Magazine, Catalyzing Digital Business Transformation by Modernizing Procurement, focused on the benefits of new procurement technology.

Find out how cloud-native procurement software offers CIOs a prime opportunity to facilitate digital transformation of the enterprise, while simultaneously helping CPOs achieve their own pressing goals.

Read it today and harness the transformative potential of IT-procurement collaboration.


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