Mapping & Reducing Scope 3 Emissions Mapping

Scope 3 emissions present one of the most complex challenges for organizations — one that no forward-thinking company can ignore.

To navigate this maze successfully, enterprises have to work closely with their suppliers. They must understand, map, track and reduce these indirect emissions, which account for almost 80% of an organization’s total carbon emissions.

This procurement playbook — Mapping & Reducing Scope 3 Emissions: A Quickstart Guide for Procurement Pros — dives deep into the heart of this challenge. It offers a comprehensive analysis of different methods to track scope 3 emissions and create a baseline, and shares an actionable plan with suppliers to reduce them.

What’s Inside:

  • Using spend-based methodologies
  • Effective strategies for engaging suppliers
  • The power of visualizing emissions data

This playbook is essential reading for procurement and supply chain leaders looking to embark on a transformative journey toward net zero.

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