Next-Generation Fulfillment Strategies and Operating Models Next-Generation

Companies are dealing with a rising number of fulfillment constraints, such as labor and freight cost pressures as well as the 24/7 customer who uses a variety of channels for receiving services and purchasing and returning goods. However, these organizations are beset by older, monolithic fulfillment models that aren’t up to these challenges and can’t meet the needs of today’s customers.

A new GEP playbook — Next-Generation Fulfillment Strategies and Operating Models: A Strategic Playbook — takes a deep dive into the demanding fulfillment constraints organizations face and how operating models are evolving through technology and innovative approaches to meet modern demands.

What’s Inside:

  • Why supply chain leaders must move beyond legacy fulfillment systems to meet the needs of the modern customer
  • How supply chain operating models and technology are evolving to support new models
  • The 5 components that go into enabling fulfillment strategy

This paper is a must-read for supply chain leaders who are looking to upgrade their fulfillment strategies and operating models to meet emerging requirements.

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