The Procurement Professional’s Handbook to Sustainable Sourcing The

Sustainability should be a driving force behind procurement’s sourcing efforts, but it is still being relegated to the sidelines. Want to make sustainability the key mission of your procurement organization but lack a clear strategy?

Grab this valuable guide — The Procurement Professional’s Handbook to Sustainable Sourcing — to kickstart your efforts. This collaboration between GEP and Procurement Leaders outlines a risk-based approach to supplier sustainability performance while being mindful of unintended adverse consequences.

Find out what a good sourcing sustainability program looks like and the benefits your enterprise can reap.

What’s Inside:

  • How procurement pros can gather and analyze the increasing amounts of sustainability-related data needed
  • Why some enterprises are transitioning from market sourcing and instead are building direct relationships with suppliers of certain high-risk items
  • How cost avoidance can provide a powerful case for investment

This paper is a must-read for procurement professionals looking to up their sustainable sourcing game.

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