Things have gotten a little hectic, wouldn’t you say? We’ve got trade wars, Brexit, intensifying climate-related events and rising interest rates. And we’ve got new, disruptive technologies fundamentally changing how business gets done. Many elements of the global economy are in flux. And procurement teams may feel like they’re scrambling to gather information so they can make good business decisions.

Thankfully, the 2019 GEP Outlook for Procurement and Supply Chain Management is now available. This indispensable report reflects views of the industry’s best thought leaders and category experts  equipping you with procurement strategies and other essential tools to prepare you for a successful year ahead. It’s known as one of the most anticipated, most comprehensive and most useful annual trend reports in the industry.

What’s Inside:

  • Global Business Trends
  • New Disruptive Technologies and Their Impact on Operations
  • Category-by-Category Insights

This is a truly “must-read” report for every procurement and supply chain pro  complimentary from GEP. Download your copy today.


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