Industry 4.0 is here and it’s happening now. Digital technologies such as IoT, AI and cloud computing are not just transforming the way enterprises function, but also opening up new possibilities.

For procurement too, technology is no longer an enabler, but a key driver of transformation. How do you harness these opportunities to build a high-performance digital procurement organization?

A new report from Procurement Leaders and GEP, “Procurement Transformation: How Technology Is Driving Change and What to Expect Next,” examines the role of technology in transforming procurement organizations and building new and improved capabilities. The report also highlights key tech-related trends that will shape procurement strategies today and tomorrow.

Inside the report:

  • Analysis of complexities and challenges in procurement transformation
  • Interviews with organization leaders and service providers
  • Case studies of companies successfully implementing transformation
  • Key considerations in digital procurement transformation

Theme: Digital Transformation